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Conquering Laser Tag

By admin | In News, Tips | on June 4, 2014



Laser tag is tons of fun, but winning at it is even better. If you want to beat a skilled laster tag team you will need to keep some tips in mind. Always begin strategizing with your team before the game. A good strategy and good tactics are the biggest key to victory.Try and get your team divided into squads, with squad captains, and clear divisions of responsibility. Put the people who move faster in assault positions, and the people who excel at spotting targets in cover fire positions. Consider using the buddy system so if someone pins you or your buddy down and starts spawn killing one of you the other can stop them. If someone has particularly good aim try and get them to a piece of high ground with a great vantage point to act as a sniper.

Be Smart About Your Equipment

Be aware of your environment, and dress appropriately. If certain sets of gear are brighter than others try and get the darker gear. If your enemies do not see you they will be able to shoot you. If the rules of game allow it give radios to each squad or pair so that the team can coordinate as a whole.

Practice Your Aim

Many laser tag sets do not fire visible light so unless you are used to them it may take some time to adjust to the sights. Even if the laser tag set does show dots of light it is always a good idea to practice your aim before going into battle. If you can get a target and one of the laser tag guns that will be used in the arena practice beforehand. It’ll prevent anyway awkward surprises when it comes time to conquer the enemy.

Keep The Score In Mind

It is easy to get caught up in trying to get revenge on another player, or trying to show off. Unlike in other war games like paintball, hitting a player’s vest does not take them out of the game. There’s also no health system, unlike most online games, one shot and they’re out for a bit. While they are in their safe period you can’t get any points either. The best tip for scoring large amounts of points is to try and bait a large group of players into attacking you and a friend in an easily defensible position. If you can get them into revenge mode you will have a steady supply of targets to hit.

Use Good Tactics

Another tip that really can’t be emphasized enough is know when and where to run and hide. Even the best conquerors occasionally need to execute a tactical retreat. Keep a little space from your team mates so if one of you accidentally finds themselves in a cross-fire a team mate can flank one side. Pay attention to your surroundings. A key tip for winning is knowing where your enemies are without them knowing where you are. The sooner you know where the best hiding and sniping positions are the sooner you can begin conquering the enemy so use scouts. If you can hit someone from behind without them seeing or hearing you it will disorient them giving your team an advantage, and sometimes even letting you hit them again and again. One tip that may or may not be considered cheating is that some arenas have not made it against the rules to cover your sensors or lights. If they can’t see you or hit you you have a rather extreme advantage so be careful using that tip as it may spoil the enjoyment of fairly conquering the enemy.

Have Fun!

Knowing how seriously to take the game is one of the keys to victory. Coming up with a cool name and motto may help get the team in the right mood. Getting upset, or depressed, over minor setbacks leads to mistakes. If the teams morale remains high the team will function much more effectively, as in any battle. Don’ let it get too high though, if people are cracking too many jokes, or laughing too hard, you might give your position away. Just make sure your team remembers that laser tag is about conquering the enemy without letting them forget it’s a game, and enjoy yourself.