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Enriching Your Youth Group Through Paintball

By admin | In News, Team Building | on March 18, 2014


Many types of team building activities often involve small groups. This is one reason why paintball can be a great way to get youth groups to work together as a team. Engaging in team-based activities is fun and is an ideal way to keep young kids out of trouble. There are also other aspects which involve group unity and learning about teamwork. Basic information about paintball can be found on various blogs. However, there may be aspects that parents will need to know.

Communicating Creativity

Youth groups who are involved in a paintball program will be challenged to use creative thinking, learning from other team members, improving communication, cooperating, and collaborating. Most youth sports are often not beneficial to team bonding and learning how to work together to achieve an objective or goal.

Learning How to Set & Meet Objectives

Each game of paintball often involves a specific objective. This can vary based on the landscape or a facility that is being used. One thing to keep in mind is the type of game play. A game may involve one or more ways for players to react when getting hit. A player may be “out”of the game or they may need to be stay “frozen” in place. However, games can be set up to allow every person to participate.

Another aspect of paintball is completing an obstacle course. This will typically involve hitting various targets to see which team can get the best time. A typical game of paintball will often involve capturing the flag of the opposing team. The key to the success of any game is working as a team that needs to cooperate and communicate to achieve their main objective.

Learning To Be Resourceful

Most paintball games require players to work together to solve complex problems. They will only have the use of intellectual and physical resources. Many paintball games can be time-based, have resources that are limited, or navigate a changing environment. These are similar to real-world challenges seen in organizations in which people need to challenge their way of thinking and overcome their learning curve.

Paintball activities will typically be conducted at a set skill-level and age appropriate level which will have no participants at a disadvantage. The competition is not among individual people, but rather objectives that need to be met by each team.