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We’re hiring

By admin | In Uncategorized | on October 12, 2014

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Job Description:
The position of staff is one the most important positions, you will be taking care of recreational
and regular players as well as first timer and group including birthday, school, church, corporate.
Customer satisfaction and service are #1 and your attitude will have a direct effect on the return of each customer or groups. You will be representing Action Paintball LLC in your act and services. Keeping the fields, facility, player’s area and equipment in excellent condition is part of our services.

– Staff members are responsible for greeting guest.
– Handling large group up to 50 people and providing audience control.
– Staff may also be required to work on off-site event.
– Interact with guests every day by sharing information, answering questions and providing great guest services.
– Responsible for general cleaning and maintenance of rental equipment, facility and player’s area.
– Providing outstanding guest service and creating returning customers.
– Enforce policies, rules and regulations of the facility.

Basic Qualifications:
– You must be at least 18 years of age.
– Availability for any shift, including nights, weekends and holidays is required.
– Strong verbal communication skills, attitude and ability to work with 3 to 60 years old guest.

Preferred Qualifications:
– Previous experience speaking in front of large groups.
– Previous Paintball experience

Additional Information:
Action Paintball is a recreational facility and the busiest moment is weekends, holiday and night, the facility is open 324 day a week and 6 days a week, some shifts may start as early as 9am while some may end as late as 5am. Please note that the principles of seniority are used to schedule all roles
– Prolonged standing to two to three hours at a time.