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Laser Tag = Awesomeness

By admin | In News, Outdoor, Team Building | on August 28, 2014


Wondering what to do with a pack of kids at your son’s next birthday?• How about a wild troop of Cub Scouts?• Are your children bouncing off the walls during school holiday?

Laser tag is a live action video game. Laser tag is awesome!

• Trying to impress your new girl?• Is clubbing getting boring?• Not interested in another bad movie?
Laser tag is new, different and cutting edge recreation. Laser tag is awesome!

• Is your tech team irritable and depressed about the current project?• Having trouble getting your rules committee to communicate?• Trying to build camaraderie among new management trainees?

Laser tag is a fun, innovative team builder. Laser tag is awesome!

Everyone participates.

Laser tag has almost no learning curve. Team your six year old with an older cousin who’s played it once. Within minutes, he’ll be at full bore, running and shouting with the rest.

Teens love the chance make battle plans with friends, figuring out the best spots to take cover and deciding which enemies are weak and easy to take out.

Take your aunts and uncles. They may think this is kid’s stuff, until they get out on the field, running, ducking and hiding. It’s the modern equivalent of cops and robbers, Star Wars and hide and seek. They’ll love the sheer fun of strategizing, running and tagging.

On first dates, people in their late teens and early 20s will welcome the busyness of the game, a great way to get over self-consciousness. Laser tag keeps both of them so focused and engaged, they won’t have to worry about what to say to each other. It breaks down the barriers of first-date shyness.

Laser tag is easy to learn, with a simple set of rules. The scenarios, props and fields invite youngsters, teens, people in their 20s and older adults to throw themselves into the game.

Use up excess energy.

People of all ages love laser tag because they get physical, all in a fun, comic book setting. The game involves running, jumping, ducking, tagging and hiding. But there is also less physically demanding components like planning and strategizing.

Each person can be as physical or laid back as he chooses. It is within the physical capability of all age groups and levels of stamina.

Laser tag is a boon to every mother dealing with kids whining there is nothing to do. Trying to pull children away from video games to get outside and burn off energy can drive both sides crazy. Instead of nagging, mom and the kids can head out to the laser tag field for an exciting, sociable, vigorous afternoon full of activity.

If members of your work team are getting on each others nerves, if progress is stalled and communication is non-existent, get them out of their cubicles and on to the laser tag field. Running around, teaming up against the other side, planning and executing a battle plan will promote good feelings, get rid of excess energy and quiet the tension.

Socialize and communicate.

Though the innocent picture of childhood fun remains one of climbing trees, playing kick the can and Little League, the truth is many children are more accustomed to communing with video game boxes and computers than with other children.

This leads to withdrawn, tense and isolating personalities. When at wits end, parents can take their kids to the laser tag field to enjoy video games brought to life. Children run around, making battle plans with other kids and tagging the other team members. At the same time, they are both using up and creating energy in a way that’s impossible clicking buttons on a computer and moving toggle switches on a game box.

After a game, color in their cheeks, they are bursting with the fun they’ve had. They’ve had a normal kid’s afternoon yelling and screaming, working with team members to outwit the evildoers on the other team.

At children’s and teens birthday parties, it is common to have cliques form up just like they do at school. A way to get everyone connecting is to take them out for a game of laser tag. Mixing up members of the teams gets them away from their standard in-crowd thinking. The props and running around makes them less self-conscious, ready to socialize more equally among the entire group.

Office project members also benefit from the enforced, but fun, working together. Getting them out of the office is a good first step if your project is beset by high nerves and stalled communication. Since interaction among laser tag team members is essential, they will automatically start talking and planning, without the drama and pressure that accompanies office politics and projects.

Simple, convenient.

Laser tag is not complicated. The rules are simple:• tag members of the other team to get them out of the game• avoid getting tagged to stay in the game

The gear is lightweight enough even for youngsters and oldsters, basically just a vest and a laser tag gun. This makes it perfect for even the hottest days. No mask is required as there is in paintball.

There is no mess like there is in paintball. The high tech devices respond to a set of lights and receivers, meaning there is nothing to wash off at the end of the game.

Laser tag is physical, social, simple entertainment for kids, for the whole family, for dates, for office project members, for everyone. Laser tag is awesome!