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Laser Tag -Cure for Summer Boredom

By admin | In News, Outdoor | on August 4, 2014

It’s the dog days of summer. Are you trying to coax your kids outside, away from the video games they seem to be addicted to? Are you tired of them whining, “There’s nothing to do?”

Laser tag to the rescue!

What is laser tag?

Basically, it’s a video game come to life. And kids, as well as adults, just love the fun, the competition, the spirit of adventure and the sheer high spirits of the game.

Each player is on a team, stationed at a base camp. Using high tech phasers, one team tries to deactivate its adversaries and their base camps, while protecting its own. The game is played in a scenario field, with special effects right out of the latest sci-fi video game.

What type of equipment do I need?

All the equipment is provided. Basically, laser tag needs just the tag gun and the player’s vest, which is fitted out with lights. The devices are simple to use, requiring no learning curve.

Because so little gear is required, this is the perfect game for a hot day. You don’t need protective clothing that traps in heat. Most participants just wear shorts and a t-shirt, great for summer temperatures.

How do I play it?

Think Star Wars crossed with cops and robbers. The aim is to eliminate all of the members of the opposition, while keeping as many of your own team still on the field.

When a player makes a hit on another player with his laser tag gun, lights on the vest of his victim flash and make noise. That’s what each player tries to avoid.

If you get hit and your vest lights up and makes sounds, then you are out of the game. On the other hand, the more lights and noise you create by hitting an enemy, the better you score.

The laser tag guns are all connected to a central game system. Players know when the game starts and ends by a signal from their guns. This makes it easy for everyone to know what is going on.

You don’t have to worry about not following the rules or understanding the action. A personal assistant will join you and your group on the field. He will explain all the options available for the scenario games.

The first thing a group does is divide into two teams. As anyone who has played a video knows, the best way to win is to establish alliances with other teams and plan strategy before going into battle. Actually, the game can be played without forming teams, but most players agree that it’s more fun as a group.

Teammates pair up so they watch each other’s back. It’s good to have cover when you run this way and that, trying to avoid the enemy. Pairing up is also the best way to introduce younger children to the fun of laser tag.

Experienced players usually plan strategy before the game begins, figuring out the best hiding spots on the field. Trading information about the opposition’s weak players helps when coming up with battle plans. Walkie-talkies and cell phones take the play to a more advanced level, letting teammates keep in constant touch.

Who can play?

Laser tag is played by children, pre-teens, teens, twenty-somethings and adults of any age. The sheer variety offered during a laser tag game makes it appealing to all age groups. It requires strategy and teamwork. There is lots of running around, hiding, shooting and attacking.

If a child is comfortable playing tag, he should enjoy laser tag. The guns and vests are simple to use, use lots of color, are lightweight and easy to handle.

Pre-teens and teenagers enjoy the running around and make-believe, so much like their video games. They get to stretch their mental muscles with strategy sessions and making battle plans.

Adults enjoy the action. Laser tag is a surprisingly popular first-date option for older teens and those in their twenties.

Birthday parties

What do you do with ten or fifteen antsy kids invited to your child’s birthday party? You take them to Action Paintball for a game of laser tag! Come for just the game or let us arrange for catering, a barbecue on the site, even music with a DJ. There are also special entertainment programs you can select.

A birthday package comes complete. All you do is supply the kids, we supply the rest. This includes:• treat bag for each participant• birthday cake• cold beverage• photos• 50-page memory album• personal attention from a host assigned to your party

Corporate team building

Corporate planners see laser tag as an exciting, fun method of team building. It is the perfect way to build morale during a team project at work. It requires participants to interact and communicate with both team members and the opposition.

Planning strategy and covering the back of teammates results in increased communication. The team building molded on the field of battle moves effortlessly into the office environment.

It is a great way to relieve stress during a project filled with tension. It lets workers let off steam, use up energy running around, and have a fun-filled time away from job stress.

What’s in it for parents?

You get your child out of the house, instead of isolating with a computer screen or game console. It gets him running around, playing with other kids, laughing and working off energy.

You’ll be amazed at the transformation, from whiny and withdrawn to laughing and playing, all in a single game of laser tag. Happy kids are much easier to be around, healthier and less moody.

Most parents consider the time and money invested in an afternoon of laser tag is more than repaid when they see how much fun their children are having.

You have a choice!

Action Paintball in central FL has one of the best setups for laser tag you will find. But that’s not all. As its name states, it is the perfect place to enjoy paintball. With three fields available, it offers enough options for missions to satisfy everyone.

Paintball has its own rules and gear. Basically, you try to take the flag located in the middle of the field into the opposing team’s station. You don’t want to get hit in the process. The paintballs mark the enemies that you hit, eliminating them.

Paintball is also popular with corporate planners, both as a team buildings method and for office celebrations.

So get out, have some fun! Drag the kids away from their virtual video games into a real game, full of action and strategy. It’s a happy, fun-filled choice for both of you.