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Paintball Offers Summer Fun Like No Other Sport

By admin | In News, Outdoor | on June 3, 2014


With so many sports available today, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Football can be brutal, cycling or weight lifting can be expensive, and running requires a long stretch of road or trails. Combine these problems with the world of busy college campuses and corporate meetings, and it can feel like there’s plenty of pressure to get it right the first time. Because time is limited, many people also need a sport that is easy to jump into and can start relieving some stress quickly without itself becoming a headache. Enter the world of paintball, a fast-paced adventure that promises summer fun like no other sport can. There’s just one simple problem: once you start this fun exercise, you may never be able to get enough of it. You can probably count that as a good thing.

Long, Long Ago In New Hampshire – The History Of Paintball

Before this sport had been invented, James Hale had an idea. It was the 1970s, and Hale needed a way to easily and quickly tag trees in forestry and livestock on the farm. So he invented and patented a gun that shot balls of paint. Mary’s little lamb was about to get painted every color of the rainbow. Though Hale indicated that other activities might be possible with his new invention, it took a decade before anyone realized that these guns could provide a fun time for more than just the animals, but for friends and family too.

Fast-forward to 1981. Michael Jackson had a hit single on the radio and Ronald Reagan had just entered the national stage in U.S. politics. But In New Hampshire, 12 people were about to make sporting history. Using Nel-spot 007s, a small paintball pistol with washable paintballs, they took to the field and played the first variation of paintball in the world: capture the flag. Amazingly enough, the winner of that game was able to win the day without even having fired a single shot.

Today, there are many variations of this summer fun game. There are classics like king of the hill, but also newer variations like zombie and xball to add some spice to the game. Now, paintball is played all over the world, and even by military and law-enforcement personnel.

Anywhere But Back To Work Or School – De-stressing with Paintball

Finding time for anything, let alone fun, when textbooks and job responsibilities hover overhead can be tricky. But paintball offers the perfect opportunity. After a long week at work or a difficult year at school, this sport offers the chance to blow off some steam and relax, all while getting in some exercise. One of the best parts about it is that you can take coworkers and dorm room buddies. You can even take your boss along! Just think, you and your boss fighting side-by-side in camouflage. He’s a dork when he’s giving orders on the job, but out here, you’re in charge! You’ll be the talk of the town.

Paintball is one of the best ways to leave behind that cubicle or those exams, and just focus on the challenge that’s right in front of you.It’s perfect at getting rid of stress because it offers a great environment. With masks on and rules clearly laid out, it provides a safe way to get everyone together. Better still, it’s a level playing field, where anyone can rule the day.

A Band Of Brothers And Sisters – Paintball Creates Lasting Relationships

Imagine running through the woods on a beautiful day. You weave right, then left, jump across a fallen bough, and then slide alongside the perfect hiding spot. You’re about to provide cover for your best friend. Here’s to hoping he’s not showered with paintballs on his mission!

These are the reasons that paintball is so amazing. With adrenaline pumping, you work together toward a goal and to overcome the challenge set before you. It’s great for family time or just a fun time with friends. By mapping out your strategies and learning about your strengthens and weaknesses, you learn to rely on each other in a way that you couldn’t any way else. With paintball, you’ll discover many new things about the personalities of friends and family. Maybe your older sibling needs you more than they thought. Maybe the coworker from the next department over makes up the best plans for victory. With cash prizes and leagues, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get to know people better.

While paintball has only been around for a handful of decades, the sport has proven successful at bringing people together for some summer fun in the sun. With so many great aspects, it shows no signs of slowing down, and once you’re out there, neither will you.